Rj Farrukh Khan : The Missing Rj from FMs

I listened Rj Farrukh Khan on Fm100, he was a popular rj and came in replacement of Rj Zeeshan Ahmed ( Arshad Sheikh) , In starting he was not expected atleast by callers , this is common behavior of listeners, they don't accept change easily. After few shows Rj Farrukh Khan became popular among radio listeners. There was only 1 radio at that time so he found no problem in getting success , he tried his luck in singing as well which was very bold and very bad decision of him. His first or may be the last song was ' tum ho mere sath '

After TV appearance with very low video of that song this guy received alot of criticism in off air gatherings , listeners were courteous enough to tell him that your song is real bad. FM radios came on air , 1 by 1 . Fm 100 administration kicked Rj Farrukh or he went by himself.

I got busy in my work and once I tuned in fm103 and heard his voice , before that somebody told me that Farrukh comes from 89 , It was shocking to know that this guy changing radios like clothes . My work didn't allow me to listen to radios and I again got busy in my life , and then I heard Farrukh Khan joined Fm105 , I didn't even know there is any channel with this name. So many new channels now a days doing shows all the time, but I see no quality.

I am careful in giving comments about any rj by now , but thats true that something goes wrong always with rjs when they famous.