Maan munsab mast fm103 Faisalabad show

Mast Fm 103 Best Late night show
Station : Faisalabad Mast Fm 103
Rj Name : Maan Munsab
Show timings : 2:00 to 4:00 Am
Show name: chalo bey khuwab ho jaen

Beautiful voice of Rj maan mansab with beautiful poetry reading style + beautiful background music (little sad)

No live calls, however callers can call between songs (off air) messages from rj maan munsab facebook page in the end of the show.

Rj Zain Ul Abideen Timings / Facebook Page (fm105)

Rj Zain Ul Abideen Show:
Fm105 Radio
Mid Night (from 12:00 to 2:00)

Rj Bhatti

Rj Bhatti Show Timings
Rj Bhatti 1 (Suno Pakistan Fm 89.4)
Friday to Monday (9:00Pm to 11Pm)

Rj Bhatti 2 (Fm 94.6)
Monday to Friday ( 08:00Pm to 10:00Pm)

Rj Faisal Ali Khan Show Timings (Fm100 Pakistan)

Timings of  Rj Faisal Ali Khan Shows on Fm 100 Pakistan:

New Timings 1Am to 3AM
For further details skype id : *********

Rj Zebi Radio Show Timings on Mast Fm103

Rj Zebi Radio Show Timings on Mast Fm103

" 12 Bajay Ki Love Story " Every Thursday & Monday Night 12 to 2 AM

Zebi Musik Cafe Every Saturday 10 to 12 AM

Rj Dr. Ejaz Waris Show Timings

Dr. Ejaz Waris Show Timings on Fm103 and 106.6 boom Fm
Mast fm 103 - Saturday & Sunday 10 PM till midnight.
106.6 boom fm - Mon to Thu 10 to 12 Midnights.

Contact Rj Ejaz Waris Skype Id : ******

CafeKarachi Rj Azhar hussain Show timings on Mast Fm103

Rj Azhar Hussain Show timings :

Cafe Karachi Timings On Radio Mast Fm 103
Wicked Wednesday On Every Wednesday 02:10 AM PST Onwards
CK Pharty Episode On Every Saturday 02:10 AM PST Onwards